Becoming an affiliate member gives our students opportunity to earn credit money which they can redeem for their next purchases with UniText. Affiliate membership is free and does not require any extra deposits.

Register for Affiliate Program

Go to your account page, and click on "REGISTER FOR AFFILIATE PROGRAM".


Register for affiliate program from website


Register for affiliate program from app

Hit OK and confirm your affiliate membership.

Confirm affiliate membership

Earn Referral Money

Once you become an affiliate member you will get a referral code. You can view the referral code in "Affiliate Methods".

Referral code

You can provide this referral code to your friends and family members, which they can use while creating an account with UniText.

Sign up with referral code

Once we receive the payment for the first order placed by your friends or family members, your account will be credited with a commission of Rs 25/-. Please wait for our team to approve the commission.

The total commission money you have received till date can be viewed in "Dashboard" under "Total Accepted Commission".

Affiliate dashboard

You can also review the details of your commission details, received and pending in the "Commission Details".

Affilaite comission details
  • * Please Note - Your account will be credited once the payment of the first purchase made by your friends/family members is received.
  • * Please Note - You can provide this code to as many people as you want. There is no limit on the use of referral code.

Create Voucher – Redeem Commission Money

You can create a voucher of the amount you wish to redeem. This can be done in "Vouchers".

Affiliate vouchers

Once, you have created the voucher you will get a voucher code.

Affiliate create voucher

You can input this voucher code while placing your order.

Affiliate use voucher
Affiliate voucher accepted

You can track your redeemed commission in your "Dashboard" in "Redeemed Commission".

Enjoy saving money with UniText!!