Elements of Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement, 3e

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Publication : Pearson

Author : Joseph J. Carr

Publishing Year : 2007

Edition : 3

Pages : 614

ISBN : 9788131712115


Book is appropriate as a primary text for courses in instrumentation and may also be used as a parallel reader in lab courses in instrumentation. Secondarily, it is also appropriate for courses in which the study of electronics instruments or measurement is integral.

The text provides a readable introduction to ordinary workshop and laboratory instrumentation. Material is presented through a careful blend of theory and practice to provide a practical text for students who will soon be in the real world, working with electronics.

Table of Content -

Introduction to Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement.

Some Basic Measurement Theory.

DC and AC Deflection Meter Movements.

Bridge Circuits.

Comparison Measurements.

The Basics of Digital Instruments.

Electronic Multimeters.

The Oscilloscope.

Signal Generators.

Mechanical Graphics Chart Recorders.

Special-Purpose Laboratory Amplifiers.

Operational Amplifiers.

Sensors, Electrodes, and Transducers.

Probes and Connectors.

Handling Signals, Sensors, and Instruments.

Data Converters.

Testing Electronic Components.

Measurement of Frequency and Time.

Measurements on Untuned Amplifiers.

Measurements on Tuned Circuits.

Antenna and Transmission Line Measurements.

Radio Receiver Measurements and Alignment.

Spectrum Analyzers.

Radio Transmitter Measurements.

IEEE—488 General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) Instruments.

Appendix A: Integration and Differentiation.


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Elements of Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement, 3e