VHDL: Basics to Programming

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Publication : Pearson

Author : Gaganpreet Kaur

Publishing Year : 2011

Edition : 1

Pages : 340

ISBN : 9788131732113


For undergraduate/graduate students of Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology

VHDL: Basics to Programming is a methodological guide to VHDL and its applications. The book is written to teach fundamentals of VHDL to students at the beginner's level, but advanced users will also benefit from the complex embedded-system designs, included with simulation and synthesis. Presented in simple, easy-to-understand language, it proceeds gradually from HDLs to VHDL and its applications in the real world. Several examples are given for commonly used digital circuits. A few selected case studies have also been provided that can serve as minor projects for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Table of Content -

Digital Design Flow

Introduction to VHDL

Basic Language Elements

Behavioral Modeling

Dataflow Modeling

Structural Modeling

Subprograms and Overloading

Configurations and Packages

Advanced Programming Concepts


Circuit Synthesis

Embedded Design Using vhdl

Microcomputer Design

Programmable Logic Devices

Case Study – Genetic Algorithm Processor

Additional Case Studies

Appendix A: Xilinx 9.1 Tutorial

Appendix B: Synthesizable Constructs in VHDL ’93 and VHDL’2008

Appendix C: VHDL 2008: New Features

Appendix D: VHDL –Ams

Appendix E: Unsolved Design Problems



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VHDL: Basics to Programming