Workshop Practice

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Author : H.S. Bawa

Publication : McGraw Hill Education 

Publishing Year : 28 Jul, 2009

Edition : 2

ISBN : 9780070671195


This book is designed for a course on ‘Workshop Practice’ that is offered to all students of Engineering. This acts as the basis for further technical studies for manufacturing processes and production technology. The crisp presentation of the various types of materials and methods to process these, will help build the basic concepts.

1. Introduction

2. Engineering Materials

3. Measuring Instruments

4. Benchwork and Fitting

5. Smithy and Forging

6. Sheet Metal Work

7. Wood Working or Carpentry

8. Soldering and Brazing

9. Welding

10. Welding Fluxes and Electrodes

11. Pipes and Pipe Fittings

12. Mechanical Working of Metals

13. Plastic Materials and Processes

14. Safety in Workshops


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Workshop Practice