Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 6e

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Publication : Pearson

Author : William Bolton

Publishing Year : 2019

Edition : 6

Pages : 682

ISBN : 9789353065881


The integration of electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, control and computer engineering - mechatronics - lies at the heart of innumerable gadgets, processes and technology that make modern life possible. From auto-focus cameras to car engine management systems, and from state-of-the-art robots to the humble washing machine, mechatronics has a hand in them all. This book presents a clear and comprehensive introduction to the area. Practical and applied, it helps you to acquire the mix of skills you will need to comprehend and design mechatronic systems. It also goes much deeper, explaining the very philosophy of Mechatronics and, in so doing, provides you with a frame of understanding to develop a truly interdisciplinary and integrated approach to engineering.

Table of Content -

1 Introducing mechatronics

2 Sensors and transducers

3 Signal conditioning

4 Digital signals

5 Digital logic

6 Data presentation systems

7 Pneumatic and hydraulic actuation systems

8 Mechanical actuation systems

9 Electrical actuation systems

10 Microprocessors and microcontrollers

11 Assembly language

12 C language

13 Input/output systems

14 Programmable logic controllers

15 Communication systems

16 Fault finding

17 Basic system models

18 System models

19 Dynamic responses of systems

20 System transfer functions

21 Frequency response

22 Closed-loop controllers

23 Artificial intelligence

24 Mechatronics systems"


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Mechatronics: Electronic Control Systems in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 6e